“Pope 2038” – the hands sticking out of the chest are the hands of a black woman – a symbol of racial equality. Her fiery red cassock with a dress cut shows a symbol of the relationship between a woman and the Catholic Church, which began in the time of Mary Magdalene. The cassock reaches the lower part of the stage, which is called the “New Supper” and symbolizes the time of change and openness to gender equality in the Church.

“Crucifixion” – the female figure otime is relative, as Einstein stated. All the events that have been, are, and will be, has already happened in the space-time of the universe. The relativity of feeling the dimension of time is only at the beginning of our understanding of physics. Time is not just a watch, a meeting date, an hour of your favorite TV series. Imagine we have to say where something is. We can determine it by coordinates (length and width), but we have to add when it was there. This is our 4th coordinate of the 3rd dimensional world. What will be our path to the future? f the priest is sentenced to death. But there is hope for eternal life and resurrection. The reward awaits in heaven when her soul flies into the heavens. After all, we are all equal before the Creator. The weights held in the hands symbolize the weight of women’s history around the world, holding them with pride and dignity.