Time is relative, as Einstein stated. All the events that have been, are, and will be, has already happened in the space-time of the universe. The relativity of feeling the dimension of time is only at the beginning of our understanding of physics. Time is not just a watch, a meeting date, an hour of your favorite TV series. Imagine we have to say where something is. We can determine it by coordinates (length and width), but we have to add when it was there. This is our 4th coordinate of the 3rd dimensional world. What will be our path to the future?

“Time” – time is relative, its rhythm beats inexorably and we cannot stop it with our human strength. We can’t stop progress and change. We can only judge in retrospect whether these changes and our actions were good, whether they brought something positive or vice versa. Therefore, the figures on the sides are symmetrical reflections and in the middle of the scene we have the figure of time and the observer of history, who must not interfere.

“Cyborg” – What is the future, in current visions appears as a greater symbiosis of man and machines. Where will there be a situation where people will be fully dependent on devices that will become part of their bodies. This is how cyborgs will be created. The background is electronic circuits, where the hands are placed as interchangeable parts of the body placed in clothes that symbolize the absence of the rest of this body. In the center of the stage is the cyborg, the combination of man and machine into an inseparable, single existence. Neither can exist without the other.