The series “Erat, est et erit” or “It was, it is and it will be” It shows that since the earliest history of mankind, women should be treated equally with men. They are strong, independent, smart and able to cope in various professions and circumstances

The essence of femininity – the feminine figure of each of us, for whom the world is often turned upside down, strange and full of contradictions, inspirations and elements understandable only to women. In the middle, dreams intertwined with everyday life and the pursuit of success, in a manner similar to an astronaut flying to a destination. Per aspera ad astra – by hard work to the stars

Independent – a female form of strength, freedom and independence. Like the mythical Athena, she shows strength, she has a weapon, she will not be afraid to use it and use all her strengths such as intelligence, strength, femininity, cunning and wit – to pursue her goal. She has her feet firmly on the ground

We can also cite the history of the ancient tribe of Amazons. They were fighting women, independent of male patriarchy, forming a very unique community. Recent research using techniques related to DNA proves that stories about the Amazons are not just a myth and 1/3 of people fighting in ancient Greece were women and their bones show severe battle wounds.