Daphne and Apollo in the new time

According to a myth, Daphne, a mountain nymph and priestess of Mother Earth, was transformed into a laurel bush by her father in order to protect her from Apollo’s fierce desire. Laurel is an old symbol for vitality; in the Middle Ages, the versatile medicinal and spice plant was used against the pest. Since it improves visionary and intuitive abilities, it has become an important component of magical recipes.

– Leonardo da Vinci Codex Madrid I.
– A fragment in the background of genetic code Covid-19 SARS.CoV (severe acute respiratory   syndrome coronavirus 2) NCBI GenBank
Current events in connection with Coronavirus Covid-19, the effects of viruses onto society and Individuals. Inspiration is also the simplicity of the virus, its functioning and its evolutionary success. Something that is invisible, yet extremely dangerous and specialized in operation. Genetic information in a protein shell. It doesn’t show any sign of life outside the cell.
Everything starts as soon as the cell has been infected. The virus changes the genetic program of the cell and commands it to replicate the virus gentic code and to produce further viruses. Just like the action of a cell changes under the influence of a virus, the whole society changes its behavior for fear.
There are historic moments when future changes its direction. We are just living in this moment when people can / could stay solidary and constructive despite radical restrictions.
Human social intelligence has won, so that the ratio between technology and culture has shifted.
 Before the crisis, technology was panacea, remedy for anything, carrier of all utopias. This time seems to run out. We are concentrating more to human questions – What is man? Human life, human values.