WITHOUT BORDERS, Solo show, Gallery Borgo, Rome Art week , Rome, It

Without Borders is the title of the three-person exhibition that sees the works of Suzanne Anan, Kati Goldyn, Sal Ponce Enrile as protagonists within the Arte Borgo Gallery in Rome from 24 October to 5 November.
An intercultural dialogue between three artists from three different countries curated by Anna Isopo and included in the fifth edition of Rome Art Week.Suzanne Anan, Kati Goldyn, Sal Ponce Enrile, three important names in the international art scene, different from each other by geographical origin, for artistic technique,
but united by a common denominator, the constant research that reflects the path of the freedom of art, overcoming any perception and any boundary. A confrontation in which the real and dream dimension is explored, without boundaries of space and time, combining different languages ​​in the name of the universal sensitivity of “Without Borders” art. American, Suzanne Anan is a contemporary artist. He studied in Italy and New York and exhibits his works internationally. Anan creates figurative compositions with women as the main subject. He works in every way, but prefers the unpredictability of painting and the humility and vulnerability required in every stroke of oil on canvas. Her work is inspired by great works of poetry and literature and its raw material comes from real life and reflections. Kati Goldyn through her creations wants to demolish current values, habits and stereotypes in the hope of being part of a new world. With his impactful works, he wants to convey a message, his dreams and his desires: in the name of freedom, lightheartedness and spontaneity, he wants to tell us observers to teleport into a different world, a parallel universe in which women cover new Sal Ponce Enrile embraces the use of mixed media, acrylics and textures that add character and depth to the uncensored expression for his work. He uses his art as a platform to express the complexity of his experiences. From the colors, to the composition, his approach and curiosity in mixing a style or technique led to his unique identity, leaving his art with an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere.