I may call my art “visionary”. I have created a vision of a “New Man”. The eternally female is multiple for me. The line of breasts symbolizes giving life and keeping life, which has also become my signature, my brand. My art is art which is engaging socially. My art is a countermovement to the material culture of our times. I am facing up to the fined “Barbie Culture”. I am re-imagining Christian tradition. I am replacing male apostle by female apostle. In my cycle “Female Apostles”, in my work „Last Supper” (by Leonardo da Vinci) I am replacing male apostles by female ones, remaining only one apostle whose finger is pointing to heaven. My art is connecting tradition with new age visual semiotic.
What is most important is to be free and honest. If you aren’t honest just like in jazz music, you won’t exist as a jazz musician nor as an artist!
My art kitchen is a laboratory where I am making experiences and NOTHING doesn’t matter. It is a laboratory where I am creating attitude. I am thinking.
Authenticity and artificiality, reality and deception, consumption and religion – these are the subjects I am dealing with.
The vision of a „New Man” began in 2008 with the first objects, then paintings; in 2014 I started continuing “New Man” to cycle “Female Apostles” and from 2017 “Female Priests” and “Female Cardinals”. Now I am working on “Female Pope”. But as you can see, I have been working on a project for nine years already, and it is still developing and changing continuously.

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