In the beginning was the word. But what was then? Something must have happened, since there must be an answer to any word. Have they been talking or have they kept silent? Have they been thinking or have they acted? And shouldn’t it really say: The word was the beginning? But what was then the answer? Was first the mould and then the cast? Was HE the question and SHE the answer? And who asked first? Or was first the answer and then the question? By the series „Adam and Eve/Eve and Adam”, I want to show that both are being, since one is being. There is no first one. He is being, since she was. She was being, since he is. This correlation is shown in the series „Adam and Eve/Eve and Adam” by dividing the room, by tracing and locating, by empty spaces and common places. The gender issue isn’t an issue of polarity to me, not an issue of order and disorder, not an issue of power and powerlessness, but an issue of human togetherness. Man is only being, since others are.

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