2020 Hromatic Harmonies, Museum Crocetti, Rome, It.

2020 Solo show, Gallery Borgo, Rome Art week , Rome, It

2020 Woman´s Essenze in collaboration with Center for UNESCO Bologne, Palazzo Velli, Rome, It.

2020 International Art Roma, Gallery Borgo, Rome, It.


2019 Artbox Project Art Basel, Art week in Miami, Usa

2019 Kunst Schimmer, Ulm, Germany

2019 Award Art Critic , Gallery M.A.D.S. Milano, It.

2019 Award Artedition 2020, Spezial Prize, Casino Inssbruck, Austria

2018 The Monaco Yacht Show under the patronage of HSH Prince II of Monaco , France

2018 Art is Sommer, Gallery Borgo , Rome, It.

2018 Solo Exhibition „ MYWY“, Halle 50, Domagk Park ,Munich, Germany Interview in Münchner Stadtrundgang mit Christophel Griebe l, MUNICH TV

2018 We contemporary, Museum of Job Foundation, Palermo , It.

2018 Kunststraße Imst, Exhibiton and Performance „ Mary Magdalena prepares 12 apostles drinks“, Imst, Austria

2018 - The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery Pall Mall Street London, Uk.

2018 - Gli Artisti incontranto Dali e Van Gogh, Dali Museum Figureres, Spanien and Van Gogh City, Arles, France

2018 – Woman Art Award, selected from Prof. Laura di Trapani, PONS Foundation, Madrit , Spain

2018 - Contemporary Art, Galeria Rossocinabro, Rom, It

2018 - Architectural Digest Design Show, New York, Usa

2018 - Artbox Projekt, New York 1.0 and show at the Armory Artweeks New York

2018 - Biennal Artist M.A.D.GALLERY MILANO, Milano, It.

2018 - Venezia Art Expo, Scoula Grande Misericordia, Venedig, It

2018 - International Art Show, THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, Venice, It.

2018 – Gallery Mentana, Florenz, It.

2017 - XI Florence Biennalle, Florenz, It.

2017 – Award winners Exhibition, Casino Innsbruck and Exhibition in Gallery Innovation, Innsbruck, Austria

2017 – Art Festiva l to Palazzo Pontifical, Rome, It.

2017 - WE CONTEMPORARY, Palazoo Velli Expo, Rome and ART EGO CULTURE CENTER, Kiew

2017 - Exibition in Gallery INARTE WERKKUNST ,BERLIN, Germany

2017 - International Award GOYA, Gran Teatre Del Liceu, Barcelona, Spain

2017 - Biennal De Arte Barcelona, Museum MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2017 - Artexpo, New York, USA

2017 - Biennale Mediterraneo Palermo, Vip Art Zone Shopping, Palermo, Italy

2017 - Biennale Pieschera del Garda, Italy

2016 – Red Spectrum, Miami

2015 - First Prize in International Competition "10-9 Nano Art", Paris, Exibition Finale, Nano Art, Gallery Roi Dore, Paris www.art-nano.com

2014 - Exhibition ”Light and shadow” and performance - Goldyn ”Cast a shadow on friendship”, Erding, Germany

2014 - International Biennale Hamburg, Gallery Kunststätte am Michel, Hamburg

2014 - Warsaw Trade fair Art, Gallery Projekt 101, Warsaw

2014 - Cologne Tade fair Art, Köln, Gallery LDXt Odrome, Berlin, Malta, Hong Kong

2014 - Exhibition Gallery 101 Projekt, Warsaw

2014 - Exhibition, Gallery LDX Artodrome, Malta

2014 - Solo Exhibition Promotion for Young Artists, Gallery Promotion, Warsaw

2014 - Solo exhibition „Szturm Nieba”, Regionalne Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych, „Konduktorownia”, Częstochowa, Poland

2013 - Group exhibition, „LDX Artodrome” Gallery, Berlin-Malta-Hongkong, Berlin, Germany

2012 - International Biennale Hamburg, Galerie Kunststätte am Michel, Hamburg

2012 - Group exhibition „90 Years of Dadaism in the Tyrol”, Landeck, Austria

2012 - Group exhibition „90 Years of Dadaism in the Tyrol”, Castle Starkenberg, Tarrenz, Austria

2012 - Group exhibition „90 Years of Dadaism in the Tyrol”, Castle Starkenberg, Tarrenz, Austria

2012 - Group exhibition „90 Years of Dadaism in the Tyrol”, Gallery at the museum, Tarrenz, Austria

2012 - Exhibition of landscape paintings „Sea Impressions”, Janow near Czestochowa, preceded by an international open air painting in 2011, Ustka, Poland

2011 - Solo exhibition „Utopia Painting” - doctorate at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. E. Geppert in Wrocław

2011 - Group exhibition „29th Long Night of Museums in Berlin”, Museum of Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

2011 - Group exhibition „Utopia”, Erding, Frauenkircherls, Germany

2010 - Solo exhibition in the gallery „Nothburga”, Innsbruck, Austria

2010 - Art Gallery 1, Munich, Germany

2009 - Art Gallery 1, Munich, Germany

2009 - Group exhibition „Calebasse”, „WhiteBox” exhibition hall, Munich, Germany

2009 - Group exhibition, House of Art „Tacheles” in Berlin, Germany

2009 - Edition of Contemporary Art BAU 6, (together with Geoffrey Hendricks) Studio Fuori Centro Arte, Florence, Italy

2008 - Opening of Munich-Berlin, Berlin-Munich, „Museum of Contemporary Art”, Munich, Germany

2008 - Group exhibition, Gallery Z-BAU, Nuremberg, Germany

2008 - Group exhibition, Gallery Likan, „I have a dream”, Biberbach /near Dachau/ Germany

2008 - UP-Art. Forum dedicated to Frida Kahlo, exhibition, performance - Goldyn, Munich, Germany

2008 - „Artists "Conversations" Up-Art Museum, Munich, Germany

2008 - „Current locations” Pullenale-Vienna, Vienna-Munich, Exhibition Hall, Vienna, Austria

2008 - Exhibition „Dachgalerie” Domagkateliers XV, Munich, Germany

2008 - International workshops, Freistaat-Burgestein, Gries (Ötztal), exhibition of landscape paintings Mieming, St. Kanzian, Austria

2008 - Munich XXXL large formats „Tucker”, performance - Goldyn, Neuland Exhibition Hall, Munich, Germany (video www.berlinerkunstkontakter.de)

2008 - Up-Art. Forum on „Peggy Guggenheim”, performance - Goldyn, atelier, Munich, Germany

2008 - Solo exhibition in the gallery „Drächselhaus”, Munich, Germany

2008 - „Culture Days” in Kirchanschöring, exhibition in the Art House, Kirchanschöring, Germany

2008 - Group exhibition „Anarchistasista”, art house „Tacheles” in Berlin, Germany

2007 - A collection of Adriano Parise (with G. Richter, J. Tinuely, T. Kantor), Verona, Italy

2007 - Participation in the Salzburg Art Fair, Gallery BK Innsbruck, Austria

2007 - Group exhibition „Artists of Czestochowa” in Altenkunstadt, Germany

2007 - Exhibition „UP ART Group”, Gallery Domagk, Dachgalerie, Munich, Germany

2007 - Group exhibition of Regional Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Czestochowa - „Birthday Collage”

2007 - Group exhibition „Artists of Gallery”, Gallery Huber, Munich, Germany

2007 - Solo exhibition in the gallery Bertrand Kass Arte Contemporanea, Innsbruck, Austria

2006 - Exhibition of paintings from the international Avapessa plain air landscape paintings, Corsica

2005 - Wandering exhibition „Lower Bavaria in the old days” under the auspices of the Minister Erwin Huber, Landshut (phase III), Germany

2005 - Wandering exhibition „Lower Bavaria in the old days” under the auspices of the Minister Erwin Huber, Straubing (phase II), Germany

2004 - Wandering exhibition „Lower Bavaria in the old days” under the auspices of the Minister Erwin Huber, Reisbach (phase I), Germany

2004 - Solo exhibition, Polish Cultural Centre, Munich, Germany

2004 - Presentation of paintings in the auction house, Munich, Germany

2004 - Art in Architecture - „Stations of the Cross”, a competition - the final, Hospital Chapel, Regensburg, Germany

2004 - Art in Architecture - implementation of marble sculpture „Aphrodite”, Dingolfing, Germany

2003 - Drawing exhibition in the Katryn Boudet gallery, Paris, France

2002 - Presentation of works in the „Leidel” gallery, Munich, Germany

2002 - Exhibition in the „Durbeck” gallery, Straubing, Germany

2002 - Solo exhibition, Museum "Herzogburg" Dingolfing, Germany

2002 - Solo exhibition, Museum "Troadbodn" Geiselhöring, Germany

2000 - Presentation of works in the „Opus” gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

1993 - Award for the poster „Europe, Europe”, Czestochowa, Poland

1991 - Exhibition in the Regional Museum in Czestochowa, Poland